Cosmichrome – Multimedia Coordinator

This a gig I’ve been working at for over a year now. Cosmichrome needed someone to take care of their social media pages, as well as create content for their website, newsletters, create informational and promotional videos, create ads and run campaigns, and make graphic creations for special occasions or when needed. However, the graphic portion of the job has not been a major cornerstone of the duties thus far.

Cosmichrome implemented a new CRM within the last year (AMO), and I’ve been there throughout the entire process. I’ve ended up taking on the role of handling the majority of leads coming into the system. By speaking to leads through whatsapp, social media accounts, email, and our website chat feature, I take their contact information and enter them into the CRM, as well as answer lead’s questions about Cosmichrome’s products. I stay in touch with Cosmichrome’s distributors from around the globe, and help liason whenever possible.

I’ve learned a lot about Facebook ads, making videos, and taking pictures during my time at Cosmichrome, as well as how distribution works. I’ve additionally had the opportunity to work with companies from around the globe and create content for 5 different languages (Google translate is my friend). 

Below are some of the contributions I’ve made for the company.

Wanna see the landing page I made for Cosmichrome?

Check out the Facebook and Instagram pages I take care of!

Here are some videos that I’ve done from A to Z.

Different Shades Of Color

Bleach A Part For Re-Plating

Masking A Part For Plating

Machine Filling Guideline

The G4/G5 Counter

Golden Rules 1 of 3

Golden Rules 2 of 3

Golden Rules 3 of 3

Oh, and CLICK HERE if you want to see Cosmichrome’s website.