The Art of Living – Mindful Leadership

The Art Of Living project was forwarded to us from a friend on Facebook. This is a great organisation which we have experienced first hand as we’ve gone to one of their introductory seminars and enjoyed the experience. So when I got the opportunity to collaborate with them, we were more than thrilled. They needed a logo for a new subdivision of their oraganisation, “Mindful Leadership”. The idea was to have something simple, non-abraissive, and professional. Below are three options we devised.




Option 3 was chosen in the end. It was the simplest option, and it wasn’t too specific either. It leaves a little room to interpret at it is not as defined as the other two options. The colours are soft and go with the other branding of “Unveiling infinity” (see below) which had been in use for a while prior to this project.



Below are the three letterhead samples from The Art Of Living’s “Unveiling Infinity” subdivision. We took from these and tried to create something new but also similar in style.

LH 1

LH 2

LH 2

Here are the 5 options that we made for the client…

LH 1

LH 2

LH 3

LH 4

Letterhead #5 (below) was chosen in the end. It was a collaboration with the client that was created after the other options had been presented. Sometimes, the client has a good idea of what they want, so make the client happy!

LH 5

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